How We Work

Select Valet was established based on the simple idea that an opportunity existed within the industry for an improved level of service. Select recognized that a valet company represents the first line of communication and interaction between an organization and visiting clients and customers. Select Valet understands and appreciates the importance and significance of that responsibility.



The principals of Select Valet have significant experience both as valet service providers and purchasers of valet services. We understand the perspective of both the provider and consumer side and recognize the importance and relevance of valet services to the underlying business.

A safe operating environment and protocol is our most important goal. Vehicles are not only prized and highly valued items, they also represent dangerous and liability ridden assets if not handled with appropriate care and responsibility. We have put into place proven operational protocols to limit liabilities, ensure safety for all parties and maximize the client’s satisfaction.


All potential employees must be over the age of 21 and undergo a thorough background check that includes driving history and criminal background. Associates must have acceptable driving histories indicative of responsible on road behavior. More than one moving violation within a year or major traffic violation within the past 3 years precludes an offer of employment. Major violations include DUI, leaving the scene of an accident and homicide or assault by motor vehicle. Select Valet also holds a zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy.

New hires will complete an on-site orientation prior to working any new location. A field supervisor will conduct a thorough walk through of the site highlighting organized traffic flow and any impending precautions.




There are extra risks for a parking operator when managing a valet parking program. Each time a customer is given a claim ticket and leaves his or her keys with the valets, a bailment is created, making the operator legally responsible for the customer’s vehicle. In order to minimize the risks involved with this responsibility, there are several protocols that Select Valet adheres to. Each location will have its own custom operation manual.


Communication is important to us and an important key to future success will be our ongoing communications with you and feedback from the users of our services related to our performance. Our staff will prepare an evaluation report that will include comments and observations that will allow us to collaborate on possible service improvements.

Select Valet believes auditing procedures and transparency are critical components of parking operations. For all locations, the same basic rules and standards will apply. Every vehicle and every transaction must be accounted for. Consolidated reports will be completed on a daily basis and will be available upon request.



Select Valet, LLC provides all of the necessary insurance coverage’s required by the State of Florida including Worker’s Compensation and Employer’s Liability to cover our employees, General Liability covering contractor, its drivers, and the vehicles while being operated, and Garage Keeper’s Legal Liability covering the vehicles while parked. In the event that a company investigation determines that Select Valet, LLC is found liable, all claims will be settled immediately and to the satisfaction of the guest filing the claim.

Commercial General Liability: Covers contractor, its drivers, and the vehicles while being operated. $1,000,000.00 per accident $2,000,000.00 aggregate

Garage Keeper’s Liability: Covers Vehicles while parked. $375,000 .00 lot limit

Worker’s Compensation: Covers the employees while working on the job site. $1,000,000.00 each employee